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Wood Fired Pizza Magic

Are you looking for a truly unique and delicious taste experience for your next catered event?  Please consider letting Sweetwater Pizza take care of of all the details leaving you to relax and enjoy the festivities.  


Your guests will be taken in by the cozy ambiance and unique culinary experience they are presented. Let us remind them why they are innately drawn to fire by providing the sights, smells and tastes that only a wood-fired oven can offer.

Our passion for sharing extraordinary food with our guests is what drives us, and we strive to find the freshest ingredients possible, often sourcing our local offerings whenever possible. Knowing that our reputation is only as good as our last dish, we pay attention to the small details and pride ourselves on making each event a unique experience for our clients.

"Sweetwater Gypsies did a fantastic job catering our wedding! They arrived on time and stayed later than anticipated to accommodate our schedule. They are very communicative and work hard to ensure that everything is perfect. The pizza was amazing, and all of our guests complimented it! I would highly recommend Sweetwater Gypsies Pizza."

--Max S. 


A meal they'll keep talking about.


Let us ignite the extraordinary at your next event.

Leave the stress behind and let us weave magic. From the crackling fire to the mouthwatering aromas, we'll create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.


Imagine the warm glow of our wood-fired oven captivating your guests; the intoxicating scent of fresh, locally sourced ingredients dancing in the air - and every bite a symphony of flavor and texture, crafted with passion and expertise.


We don't just cater, we craft memories.


Relax, unwind, and savor the moment while we handle everything, leaving you free to enjoy the festivities. Let Sweetwater Pizza ignite the extraordinary at your next event.

We hope the following information will help you to understand what we offer and if it would be a good fit for your specific needs.

This will be an experience you and your guests will savor long after the event!

Pizza Buffet

While each event can be tailored to your exact vision, we do have a simple template that we will start with.  For the price listed on our menu, we will serve your guests an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for up to 2 hours.


The buffet will consist of 4 varieties of pizza from our menu plus complimentary Pepperoni and Cheese.  You are welcome to add more varieties for an additional fee.  


Our talented pizza makers and staff will keep a non-stop flow of fresh, hot pizzas coming out of the oven to replenish the buffet as your guests go through the line.  

20191210_180527 - Copy.jpg

Appetizers & Salads

We also offer a wonderful selection of appetizers and salads that can be included in your meal.  Expect these items to be served from platters and large bowls on the buffet tables. These items are priced as a “per serving” amount. Depending on the item, a serving may consist of several pieces.  For example, a crostini serving is 3 individual toasts.  


You are not required to order a serving for each of your guests of each item you are interested in.  The more choices of food you offer, the less your guests will eat of each one so feel free to mix things up with quantities.  


After 14+ years of catering experience, we are happy to make recommendations if you’re looking for help in this area…just let us know what menu items are calling to you!

Planning & Serving

For parties with a cocktail hour when appetizers will be served, this time is separate from the 2 hours of pizza buffet service.  Please let us know exactly when you envision each part of your menu being served so we can plan accordingly (i.e. salad with the pizza or before).

Our goal is to serve your guests expeditiously and with attention to detail.  Our oven is very hot and can cook pizzas quickly, but there is a process involved in serving our best and we don’t want to skimp.  Generally, we can serve 100 people in 30 minutes.  Some guests will go slower through the buffet line than others.  Please keep in mind that just by the nature of the process, large groups should not expect to eat all at once.


**Providing appetizers and salads in addition to the pizza helps encourage guests to take a few slices of pizza on their first time through the buffet line which results in the line moving faster overall. 

The pricing includes the required number of staff to serve you at the buffet, heavy duty paper plates and compostable service ware, all the required tables for serving, tents for the food prep/buffet area, serving dishes and utensils, menu cards for the various pizzas and appetizers, and table linens.

Pizza is such a versatile food that it lends itself naturally to accommodate many dietary restrictions.

Please let us know if your guests need any special ingredients in order to provide Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, or non-pork versions of pepperoni or bacon.  Specialty pizzas will be made for individuals and not set out on the buffet unless requested.  


For our Celiac friends, please note, we are not able to guarantee 100% absence of flour on the pizzas.  In an outdoor environment, there is always some flour in the air as we prep our other pizzas and some flour can settle onto our GF pizzas despite our best efforts.  


Call us to discuss special ingredients.

Photos courtesy of Ginger Moose Photography

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