Sweetwater Gyspies (named for the local creek running through the desert) is the partnership of Monica Marty and Beth Peisner, Midwest transplants who were drawn to the west for it’s amazing beauty and opportunities for recreation.  Shortly after meeting each other, we discovered a mutual passion for cooking, gardening, and a multitude of other crafty projects.  One such project led us to construct an earthen wood-fired oven made out of old adobe bricks in the backyard.  It only took a few pizzas out of this oven to get us daydreaming about being able to take this idea on the road.  Fortunately we stumbled upon The Fire Within, based in Boulder, Colorado that specializes in constructing these road-worthy ovens.  With the encouragement and support of our friends and family we rolled our new baby home in May 2010 and have truly enjoyed this unique opportunity to combine all the things we love; being outside, making amazing food, traveling, and enjoying the company we find ourselves in! 

2016 Update:  Since the original creation of the business, Monica and Beth now remain committed to providing amazing pizza from 2 different locations:  Dolores, Colorado and Teasdale, Utah.  

Wood Fired Pizza & Catering